Live Scan Fingerprinting Classes

Live Scan Classes in California

As the demand for background checks increase, the demand for a high-quality live scan fingerprinting service in California continues to expand. Become a certified live scan specialist today and sign up for our live scan fingerprinting training class!

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Types of  Fingerprinting

There are two types of fingerprinting – Live Scan fingerprinting and rolled paper fingerprinting. Prior to Live Scan fingerprinting, rolled paper fingerprinting was the only option. With our Live Scan Fingerprinting Classes, you’ll learn how to simplify the fingerprinting process. Want to get involved in the Live Scan Fingerprinting industry? Sign up for our training classes today!

Live Scan Training

Signing up for our live scan fingerprinting classes is quick and easy. What’s more, is we can provide the most efficient live scan training to save you both time and money. Call us today to check availability and schedule your certification course!

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